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12 February
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♥Garden State is love♥

Garden State is love.
1160 miles, 20 seconds to comply, alexisonfire, alice in wonderland, american history x, angry beavers, arthur, as i lay dying, at the drive in, atreyu, avenged seven fold, avenged sevenfold, baise moi, band aids, berlin, blacbloc, blood brothers, boondock saints, brand new, breaking off ellipses, brittney spears, carmel, cheap french, cheap plastic, chicago the city, chimaira, choke, cibo matto, coheed&cambria, coldplay, count chocula, cowboy bebop, crazy bus, deftones, demon in my view, diecast, dir en grey, donnie darko, drink up baby down, drop kick murphys, dystopia, eighteen visions, error, evanescense, eye makeup remover, fall out boy, family guy, fight club, figure it out, finders keepers, finger eleven, freeze me, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, frou frou, fugazi, funeral dress, garbage, garden state, gaudy jewelry, get the picture, get up kids, go ask alice, gravy train!!!!, guts, guttermouth, him, hoobastank, hot hot heat, in america, interpol, interview with the vampire, invader zim, invisible monsters, it's so amazing here, jack off jill, jake gyllenhall, jump in, kidney theives, kill hannah, killswitch engage, l7, lamb of god, letter kills, lock stock&two smoking barrels, looking into his eyes, loser, lulaby, madonna, mafias, manson, mascara, matchbook romance, maxfarm, may, melt banana, mindless self indulgence, my chemical romance, my lips, neon colours, neurotically yours, news, newsboys, nin, non-carbonated beverages, pete&pete, placebo, poison the well, pretty girls make graves, reel big fish, reservoir dogs, retro, rich in my arms, rich pospiech, run lola run, sensesfail, seseme street, shattered mirror, snatch, so let go, spontaneous visits from you, starlight mints, start trouble, stockings, survivor, taking back sunday, the aquabats, the black dahlia murder, the bled, the clash, the cure, the distillers, the little mermaid, the mars volta, the missing, the movielife, the nightmare before christmas, the notebook, the vampie lestat, underoath, velvet acid christ, videodrone, vincent, vinyl, violent femmes, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard, you breaking my heart, you drowning me, you hurting me